Top 10 interesting about Roxy music

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Roxy Music has been around for decades, and yet remains a somewhat mysterious band. Here are 10 secrets about Roxy Music that you may not have known:

Screenshot 2022 12 26 175247
Screenshot 2022 12 26 175247

1. The band was founded by Bryan Ferry in London in 1970. He organized their first concert in 1971 with a lineup of Andy Mackay, Graham Simpson, Brian Eno, and Phil Manzanera.

2. Over the years, there have been multiple line-up changes for the band – even during their most successful periods! Most notably, original members, Eno and Simpson left after only two albums together to pursue solo projects.

3. During the ’80s they were one of the most popular bands in England – at least partially due to their heavy reliance on the saxophone. This was a novel concept at the time but quickly caught on with other bands and genres.

4. The band has been heavily influenced by classical music, jazz, and various styles of popular music from around the world – a fact that helps explain their stylistic diversity and wide range of fans.

5. Roxy Music’s signature sound has been described as “beautiful chaos,” blending elements of avant-garde rock with pop sensibilities to achieve a unique sound.

6. Despite being relatively unknown in the United States during their heyday, they achieved mainstream success there thanks to singles such as “More Than This” and “Love Is The Drug.”

7. The album covers for their albums have become iconic, with a timeless aesthetic that has been copied by other bands and genres since its inception.

8. Although Roxy Music is considered to be a “glam rock” band, they rejected the label because of its association with excess and frivolity.

9. Roxy Music was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019 – an honor that many fans thought was long overdue!

10. While not everyone knows it, Bryan Ferry is still active as both a solo artist and with his incarnation of Roxy Music (which now includes Manzanera, Mackay, keyboardist Neil Hubbard and bassist Nicky Scott). It is unclear when they will next tour, but it’s certainly something to look forward to.


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