The 15 interesting about Queensryche

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These 15 facts show just how much Queensryche has accomplished in its more than four decades of hard rock history. They have remained one of the most influential bands and continue to tour internationally, proving that great music never dies.

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1. In 1985, Queensryche released the hit single “Walk in the Shadows” from their album Rage for Order. The song was a commercial success and has since been featured in numerous films and television series, including Rock of Ages and Sons Of Anarchy.

2. During their early career, Queensryche toured with heavy metal bands like Metallica, Judas Priest, and Megadeth which helped them gain recognition amongst thrash metal fans.

3. Their 1988 follow-up album Operation: Mindcrime is considered one of the greatest rock albums of all time by many music critics and fans alike due to its conceptually complex storyline and powerful message about political oppression.

4. After several lineup changes throughout the 90s, Queensryche decided to take a more traditional hard rock approach with their 2003 album Tribe. While it was not as commercially successful as past releases, it still managed to earn a Grammy Award nomination for Best Metal Performance in 2004.

5. Queensryche has been featured on multiple tribute albums, including 2007’s Hammer of the Gods: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin and 2010’s Voices of Decadence: A Tribute To Dio. These compilations feature covers of classic songs by some of the biggest names in heavy metal such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Motorhead.

6. In 2011, Queensryche released its eleventh studio album, Dedicated To Chaos. Though not as commercially successful as past albums, it still received critical acclaim and was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance.

7. Queensryche has continued to tour regularly and their live shows feature fan favorites such as “Queen of the Reich” and “Silent Lucidity” which consistently draw enthusiastic crowds. They have also released several live albums throughout their career, including 2010’s Take Cover and 2013’s Frequency Unknown (Live).

8. The band has earned numerous awards over the years, including multiple Wacken Open Air Festival Awards in Germany and a nomination at the prestigious Kerrang! Awards in the UK. In 2018, they were inducted into Hollywood’s RockWalk and honored with a star on The Sunset Strip.

9. Queensryche continues to create new music and perform live shows around the world today, proving that their namesake is still alive and well in the heavy metal genre. They are also actively involved in charity work, donating portions of their concert proceeds to organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation and MusicCares.

10. Queensryche has been cited as an influence by many modern metal bands, including Shadows Fall, Trivium, Machine Head, and All That Remains – all of whom have released tribute songs to the legendary band over the years.

11. The band has been inducted into the Hollywood Rockwalk Hall of Fame (2017). Queensryche’s achievements over the past three decades have been recognized with their induction into Hollywood’s premiere Rockwalk Hall of Fame, located on Sunset Boulevard. This honor was bestowed upon the band for their hard work and immense contribution to the heavy metal music industry.

12. Queensryche achieved international success with a string of chart-topping albums such as ‘Rage For Order’ (1986), ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ (1988) and ‘Empire’ (1990). These releases cemented the band as one of the most influential in hard rock history, earning them awards and critical acclaim around the world.

13. Throughout their long career, Queensryche has released numerous live albums and DVDs featuring a plethora of classic tracks. Fans can hear live versions of fan-favorite songs such as ‘Silent Lucidity’, ‘Revolution Calling’, ‘Jet City Woman’ and many more in these releases.

14. In 2011, the band was featured on the popular TV series ‘That Metal Show’ where they discussed some of their experiences with host Eddie Trunk. The episode also featured an exclusive performance by Queensryche, giving fans a rare glimpse into the band’s live show.

15. Despite the departure of vocalist Geoff Tate, Queensryche continues to tour and record music today, with the current lineup featuring Todd La Torre on vocals. The band recently released their latest album ‘The Verdict’ in 2019 and is scheduled to embark on a world tour in 2020. This is a testament to their longevity and ongoing commitment to heavy metal music. With over 30 years of experience, Queensryche has more than earned its place as one of the most successful and respected bands in the genre.


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