Top 10 secret about Thin lizzy

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Screenshot 2022 12 26 181945

1. Thin Lizzy released their debut album, ‘Thin Lizzy’, in 1971. It featured some of the group’s best-known songs, such as “Whiskey in the Jar” and “The Rocker”. The band’s second album, ‘Shades of a Blue Orphanage’, was released the following year and featured one of the group’s most popular tracks, “Sarah”.

2. By 1973, Thin Lizzy had become one of Ireland’s biggest bands. Their third album ‘Vagabonds Of The Western World’ reached number eight on the UK Albums Chart and featured two more classic hits – “The Rocker” and “Vagabond Of The Western World”.

3. Thin Lizzy released their fourth album, ‘Nightlife’, in 1974 and the following year, 1975, released the much-loved classic ‘Jailbreak’. The album reached number one in Ireland and went on to become a huge success throughout Europe. It featured some of the band’s most popular songs, including “The Boys Are Back In Town” and “Emerald”.

4. In 1976, Thin Lizzy released their sixth studio album ‘Johnny The Fox’ which featured more of the group’s classic hits such as “Don’t Believe A Word” and “Fool’s Gold”. The LP was followed by 1977’s ‘Bad Reputation’ and 1978’s ‘Black Rose: A Rock Legend’.

5. Thin Lizzy disbanded in 1983, but the group has remained a cult favourite over the years among rock fans. In 2005, the original members of the band reunited for an Irish tour and released a live album called ‘One Night Only’. The group still occasionally perform together to this day.

6. Thin Lizzy released the first live album, “Live and Dangerous,” in 1978. It went on to become one of the best-selling live albums of all time, featuring some of their greatest hits such as ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ and ‘Jailbreak’.

7. The band’s logo, designed by Phil Lynott himself, features a black crow inspired by his love for Irish mythology.

8. Although it was originally thought that Thin Lizzy had no chart success in the United States, they actually achieved two top 40 singles on Billboard Hot 100 chart; ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ made it to number 12 while ‘Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me in Its Spotlight)’ reached number 27.

9. Thin Lizzy was famously covered by Metallica on their 1998 album, ReLoad. The song, ‘Whiskey In The Jar’, went on to become one of the most popular cover versions of the original.

10. Thin Lizzy had a unique sound that combined blues, folk and hard rock influences which has been cited as an influence by many iconic bands, including Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC. To this day, their music is still considered to be timeless and inspirational to all generations of music lovers.

Bonus Fact: Phil Lynott was posthumously inducted into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame in 2006. He is the only Irishman to receive this honour.

This wraps up our list of the top 10 secrets about Thin Lizzy! We hope you found it interesting and informative, and that it has given you a greater appreciation for this iconic band’s music and influence on rock history. Thank you for reading!


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